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An Update on the Updates

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We’re thrilled to share that Swingbyte 2 and the new app are just around the corner! Here’s what you can expect:

The App

The awesomely redesigned iPad app has been submitted to the App Store.  Apple typically turns these around within a week or two, depending on a variety of factors.

This will show up as an app update for all iOS users, but only the iPad will get the new UI in this update.  The iPhone will receive stability enhancements and various fixes, but will maintain the current UI.  We are hard at work developing the new UI for all platforms (phone + tablet, Android + Apple), and will keep you posted as we get more information there.

One more thing about the app.  We are really excited about the video features we are rolling out.  We showed them off at the PGA show, and are making sure that they are fully tested before rolling them out.  This release (2.0) will have synchronized video recording and trimming.  ITR will be released in an update to the app soon thereafter, once we’ve finished our testing of accuracy.  We are working with various stationary systems to make sure the numbers we produce are what you expect.

The Hardware

Swingbyte 2 hardware is in final testing, which means the start of production is just a few days away.  We are aiming to ship the first batch of Swingbyte 2 pre-orders on 4/30.  They will be sent on a first-come first-served basis, which means pre-orders taken at the PGA show will be filled first, followed by those placed online, and then retail orders.  Expect to see SB2 at an AT&T store near you in plenty of time for Father’s Day, and at a few other retailers to be announced shortly!

We’ll continue providing updates on the new app and Swingbyte 2 here and on Twitter and Facebook.  As always, please contact us anytime at with questions, feedback, and success stories!

All the best,
The Swingbyte Crew